Sky and Space Global

Sky and Space Global

Sky and Space Global (ASX code SAS) is the first company to plan, build and operate a telecommunication commercial network over Nano-Satellites.

SAS stands in the forefront of technology, award winner of the Global Excellence Award 2017, People’s NewSpace Company 2016 and Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award 2016, it brings to the world a game-changer technology for the satellite and telecom industry.

SAS operates in the field of Nano-Satellites, which is now the most popular type of satellites for diverse commercial usage. The low mass and high capabilities of Nano-Satellites makes them the preferable choice for constellations and applications in the New Space industry.

Following the successful launch of its 3 first satellites, SAS plan to launch 200 satellites, providing equatorial coverage and beyond.

The satellites are placed carefully in synchronized orbits that circle the earth almost every hour and half. The satellites communicate between each other and each satellite beams down to in a circular footprint. The constellation thus creates a mesh in the sky where each satellite serves as both as a base station and a router.

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